Baadshaho (2017) HQ-DVDScr Hindi

Baadshaho takes us to the emergency era of 1975, when there was political unrest in the full country. When Rani Gitanjali’s (Ileana) palace in Jaipur is raided for gold, she is arrested for withholding it without declaration. The government seizes the gold and decides to transfer it via road to Delhi in a truck with officer Singh, a cocky cop in charge of the whole operation. The story takes us through a thrilling journey between Jaipur and Delhi, along with various obstacles, secrets and revelations. It explores the relationships between these characters amongst fun, banter, deceit, betrayal and loads of drama The highlight of the film apart from the ensemble cast that are playing characters very unlike their style is its superbly drafted screenplay, and its action sequences.

Torrent Name: Baadshaho (2017) HQ-DVDScr Hindi {850mb}
Name: Baadshaho (2017) HQ-DVDScr Hindi {850mb}
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Baadshaho Movie is another movie from the emergency era but different from Indu Sarkar that is also set on the backdrop of emergency. While latter deals with a political party, former is the story of a high profile heist in which many state and not-state actors were involved.
“It is believed that Indira Gandhi ordered raid over Jaigarh Fort to bring find treasure of Raja Mansingh of Jaipur and spoils of war he brought from Afghanistan during the time of Emperor Akbar. Indira government wanted to take the entire under its possession as undisclosed wealth by the then Queen of Jaigarh Fort”
A truckload of gold was recovered from the fort and the treasure is taken to the capital by road. The truck was moving under the custody of police force but it attempts were made to loot the treasure. Many people from the royal family and also from the local villagers are after the treasure. Also there are corrupt officials that want to take their share of gold from the treasure. On the way to Delhi, the truck was attacked; officers bribed and royal family also tries to bring the treasure back with the help of local goons.